EPSRC - NG-CDI (Next Generation Converged Digital infrastructure)

January 2018 - Present

I'm currently working full-time under EPSRC NG-CDI project. My main research interests include:

- Delivering QoE-assured next-generation video applications (e.g., virtual/augmented/mixed reality) over 5G networks
- Resilience of network operation and intelligence in 5G networks

EPSRC - KCN (Knowledge Centric Networking)

January 2015 - Present

I'm currently working full-time under EPSRC KCN project. My main research interests include:

- User experience-oriented video streaming in wireless networks
- Mobile edge computing in 5G networks
- Information centric networking

ETSI ISG NGP (Next-Generation Protocol)

April 2016 - Present

I'm also actively contributing to ETSI ISG NGP, where my contributions focus on enhancing video streaming performance over both TCP/IP suite and next-generation Internet protocols.

EU FP7 C-DAX (Cyber-secure DAta and Control Cloud for future power distribution networks)

August 2014 - April 2016

In C-DAX, I was responsible for:

- Implementing a core feature (topic management system) of C-DAX software (Aug - Dec 2014)
- Coordinator of WP3 implementation tasks (Jan - Mar 2015)
- Deployment of C-DAX software in the field (Mar - Oct 2015)
- Played a key role in ensuring a successful field trial (Nov 2015 to Apr 2016)

HEFCE - Innovation Gateway

October 2014 - September 2016

In Innovation Gateway, my responsibilities included:

- Liasing with a number of 5GIC industrial partners to enhance research output
- Showcasing research output by demonstrating to a wide audience at multiple venues (e.g., 5GIC workshops)